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It is the year 2007 and it took two years for the world to become an interesting place. Magic and mayhem have become a common occurrence in the new world and life as we know it is changing. Jason Darkshore was never what you would consider normal. Where other boys would play rough, violent games and sports, Jason would sit down and read. He always felt that he didn't fit in with the other boys, but he knew enough to know he wouldn't fit in with the girls. As he became older he realized he wanted to be a girl, but after watching a talk show with a transsexual girl on it, he decided he didn't want to be a 'fake girl', like his father had said during the show, but a real girl. Because of this he decided to hide his secret away from the world and hope that eventually his wish would come true.

As Jason became older his life got worse. At school the other children picked up that he was a shy loner and began to taunt and hurt him often. As this went on he began to close himself off more and more from the world, with no friends and everyone hurting him, things became bad. Where as others survive to live, Jason lived to survive. He became reclusive, rarely leaving his room while at home and always returning home as soon as school finished. He never studied and his mind went to waste as he began to lose hope.

Without hope and just barely surviving by a thread caused something to snap in Jason. At this stage most people kill themselves, however instead Jason gained a new lease on life. He realized that if life was going to try its hardest to hurt him, then he would try his hardest to live. Suddenly he began to study with manic fever; if it wasn't possible with current technology to change his gender, then he would do it himself. He could never be found without a book in his hand. He used his reclusiveness to begin applying his knowledge into creating brilliant machinery. By the time he was ten he had, in secret, built a giant underground laboratory and began working on building a power source and computer database to keep his knowledge while also helping him in his inventing. At the age of fourteen he used his knowledge to help save the world and discovered magic.

Two years later and not much has really changed in his life. He is still hated by almost everyone at school, he believes his family looks down on him, and he still hasn't found a way to change his sex. However his school has recently gained a magic teacher and Jasonís dwindling hope has been rekindled.

Inner Self

Name: Jason Jay Darkshore

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: Jason loves learning new things. To do this he can either be found with a book, or building something.

Bio: Jason is the main character of the story.

Jonah infront of Lumanaria

Name: Jonah Tir Vangor

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: Studying on Earth. He wants to see and learn all about the universe, thus he has traveled to Earth to learn at its schools.

Bio: Jonah comes from the magic school Lumanaria on Kimaria. Like all people who comes from Kimaria, he has very strong beliefs on gender, thus hates anyone out of the gender norm. Other then that Jonah is a kind hearted individual who enjoys helping others. Not only does he want to see the universe, but he also wants to be a super hero like his father, which of course nobody knows about. Generally no one believes he is a young mage from Kimaria and just believe he is just another fanatic magic lover.


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